Forever Chasing
A girl
probably a little insane
oh well
Forever Chasing
"And when I opened up to you
to tell you that I’m hurting,
you tell me I’m overreacting,
that I need to calm down…
So now when you ask me what’s wrong
I don’t answer, I smile and say I’m fine,
I don’t want to hear you tell me I’m
overreacting a second time."
I’m fine (via fragmentallygirl)
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Despite going around Tumblr as a “Liger”, the animal above is actually the result of a lion/jaguar mating, and NOT that of a lion/tiger mating.
The resulting offspring is referred to as a “jaglion”, and though beautiful, these hybrid animals serve no conservation-related purpose, and exist only to satisfy human curiosity. Zoos which breed them are usually squalid roadside menageries which rely on freak or mutant animals to draw a crowd. This blatant exploitation of wildlife is another reason that roadside menageries are an insult to proper AZA-accredited zoos in the United States. 
Thankfully, rampant breeding of these animals has been discouraged due to public outcry against them. But it’s still an issue which not many people, even those who claim to be well-educated in the realm of animal welfare, are aware of. 

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This made me cry I don’t knkw what to do

Thank you. I feel free.

Some people honestly need this and I hope they find it.